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5 Best VPNs for uTorrent & How to Bind your VPN IP to uTorrent

If you are using the pro version, you do not have to use the antivirus. We’ve highlighted what we like and dislike with each to point you to the one that meets your needs best. That includes considering user experience, bloatware, or ads, which you can sometimes circumvent with some of the best VPNs for torrenting and even integration with other apps. To let you find out more about each pick, we’ve even included links to our reviews. If you have access to a remote web uTorrent or a mobile client , you can view all your media files from anywhere and any device on both ends.

The public trackers are open for everyone, and thus they have a large user base. Because of more number leechers and fewer seeders, users experience slow downloading speed while they use public torrent trackers. It means more people are downloading the torrent file, and only a few of them are seeding the torrent file. Well, Transmission is initially meant for Linux operating system.

Malware distributed via torrents

There are options below that are streamlined for those that just want to get started without fuss as well as ones with more advanced features. A good antivirus will block all types of malware on torrent sites and within torrents themselves. Having said that, antiviruses tend to show a lot of false positives during P2P file sharing. Bitdefender is a big name in the antivirus business and our favorite to recommend for torrenting games.

  • When you torrent files, there’s a risk certain files are infected with viruses or malware.
  • Once the file has been added, you will be able to see your download progress.
  • Torrent search system in BitTorrent is quite different from uTorrent.

Even torrent uploaders occasionally encourage users to purchase those specific files if their experience with that data has been positive. If you’re looking for faster downloads, you need a healthy torrent file. It’s the one which has a high number of both seeders and leechers. But of course, the number of seeders should be more than the leechers. However, you should pay attention when installing – uTorrent offers some third-party app which is in a grey area.

Downloading anonymously

Tor is a free and open-source program that allows anonymous communication. Also avoid downloading content that is released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the past several months, especially for movies. And, avoid downloading cracked programs for they probably distribute viruses.

Fancy something that resembles uTorrent without the unwanted software? And, while it may look plain and slightly outdated, especially next to Vuze and other rivals, its simple interface and wide-ranging features allow it to hold its own. Surprisingly uTorrent is one of the preferred torrent clients for mobile users . It has been downloaded more than one million times and has robust mobile capabilities for downloading and managing torrents from a smartphone. BitTorrent Speed is a new feature available in uTorrent Web, Classic, and BitTorrent. With this option enabled, users will have the choice of giving tokens to uploaders in exchange for faster download speeds.

UTorrent Portable is the standalone version of this reliable, lightweight torrent client. Like its older brother, uTorrent Portable lets you have a few files downloading simultaneously while still using the computer, without much lag. Many users of the popular BitTorrent client uTorrent are complaining about it silently installing a cryptocurrency miner with a recent update. The Epic Scale tool, which slows down host computers, is reportedly being installed without consent and for some is particularly hard to remove.

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