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The "Rep Sheet" Story

What are Founders, CROs and VP Sales always asking us AFTER we send over a top sales resume?

During Covid 2020, a dozen sales recruiters at our parent company, Champion Recruiting, sat down for six months.  How can we fix our customers’ pain points over last decade?  

We then showed a dozen customers a Rep Sheet and asked them for their opinions?

What did the “Buyer” in the interview process want?

We went through 6 rounds of revisions.

We’ll let you decide if our one-page of numerical data in a standardized format and certified by us saves you hundreds of interview hours & millions a year.  

Or, if a candidate, makes you an extra $20K-40K in base salary.

Our ultimate mission:   Make sales resumes 100% accurate.  

Fix the billion dollar “garbage-in” problem with resumes.  

Estimated in world:

What are the 5 Major Pain Points of Founders, CROs and VP Sales with Sales Resumes?

(ie. Customers of our parent company, Champion Recruiting)


A Rep Sheet is docusigned by the candidate at the bottom.  It’s a start.

A W2 Sheet is docusigned by BOTH the candidate and the founder of Rep Sheet LLC.

The numbers in green are certified as accurate because a 3rd party has reviewed their W2s, offer letters, stack ranking reports, awards and pics sent.


In 3 seconds, a hiring exec can scan the W2 column and compare W2s vs salary data.  High W2s above OTEs are harbingers of future success.


 A Rep Sheet forces a candidate to enter ANNUAL numbers for EVERY year.   


In 3 seconds, a hiring exec can scan the color graphs on “% of Annual Quota Attained” and “Number of President Clubs.”

First, only the top 25% of sales talent get a Rep Sheet; 75% of average talent is screened out.  Second, no more showing off a high quarterly number & hiding a miss on the year.  

Last, no more hiding bad years with “increasing revenue by 20%”.  News flash…increasing revenue by X% is usually a miss.  What was the denominator anyway?  Was the plan to grow revenue 10% or 50%?   


A Rep Sheet calculates exact years of total sales experience, years in inside or outside sales, years as hunter or farmer, years closing, years on quota, years carrying bag or leading, and years of various industry experience.   


In 3 seconds, a hiring exec can tell if they have the profile they seek.  As example, an outside sales hunter / closer that has carried an enterprise $1M+ annual quota for last 5 years in CyberSecurity.

No more taking a minute to figure out job titles and adding up years of experience on various resumes.  No more hunting for tricky missing years on resumes.  


A Rep Sheet adds up a candidate’s years at each stop and also calculates the average stop.  

They also have brief reasons why a candidate has left prior companies and expose patterns before  interviews. 


In 3 seconds, a hiring exec can expose a job hopper.

No more flipping through pages & adding up dates on resumes.


A Rep Sheet forces a candidate to enter 4 laser-focused data fields rarely added on own:  Position Wanted, Industry, Company Size and Location.  


In 3 seconds,  a hiring exec can scan the objective line.

No more deciphering what a candidate may want.

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