Rep Sheets, SE Sheets & W2 Sheets


Why do Employers like Rep Sheets?

Rep Sheets are one-page, numerical, standardized & certified

One-page:  Do not have to read verbose,  2-3 page sales resumes

Numerical:  Do not have to hunt for key annual sales numbers which often are missing

Standardized:  Do not have to figure out various unique resume formats

Certified:  Do not have to ask reps if their dates & sales numbers are accurate 

Why Employers Use Rep Sheets?


Rep Sheets save employers’ money.

Employers waste billions each year on bad hires.

Only the top 25% of sales talent have Rep Sheets.  75% of average sales talent is weeded out which saves money and greatly reduces bad hires.

The opportunity cost of a bad hire is estimated at $1M per enterprise rep and $500K for a mid-market rep per one founder.  

In other words, a mistake on a rep equates to $0 to very little revenue on their $500K or $1M annual quota. 


Rep Sheets save employers’ time.

Busy sales execs & in-house sales recruiters have no time.

In-house sales recruiters know to look at Top 5% Rep Sheets first, then Top 15% Rep Sheets, and last, Top 25% Rep Sheets.  

They can fish in Lake Tahoe and not the Pacific Ocean which saves them valuable time and guarantees Top 25% talent.

Job hoppers & dynamic sales personalities never get the chance to slip in, waste valuable interview time & talk themselves into a job.

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