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Recruiting Companies

Want a new, big and profitable revenue stream?

License our Rep Sheets, SE Sheets & W2 Sheets

Create a huge new & very profitable revenue stream with companies that you do NO business with! Companies with in-house sales recruiters.

Help those companies make their sales recruiters more productive just as we do.

Charge them a monthly subscription fee of your choice. Pay Rep Sheet a small licensing fee.

Give your new clients secure & third party online access to your company’s co-branded Rep Sheets, SE Sheets & W2 Sheets

All data is safely secured & encrypted with JotForm, the leading online form builder.

Sales Recruiters

Want additional revenue?

50 / 50 Referral Program

$50 to you for every W2 Sheet you refer to us! (Who wants another company’s T-shirt or mug anyway? Cash is king at Rep Sheet)

When someone buys a W2 Sheet for $100 on our web site, please have them add YOUR NAME and/or COMPANY to the “Referred by Whom” line when they enter their credit card info!

We send you a monthly check. That’s it!

50 / 50 Referral Program

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